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LoTA's latest work as a director has been showcased in many mediums - film festivals, VODs, public transportation stations in the city of Porto, TV, ...


She continues to explore the crossover between performance, theatre and cinema.

A Abertura Da Abertura'22

Videoart - 2022


A small video art piece that is the result of an artistic residence with sculptors and plastic artists. The video promotes the puppet theatre festival - FIMP - and is now being showcased in every public transportation station of the city of Porto and other online platforms.

Duas Irmãs

Fiction - 2022


Two sisters go to the forest in search for places to film in. The eldest, a young director, is very focused in her task to find a place to shoot her next film. The youngest, named Matilde, has no space to open up to her sister about her issues. 
In an uncertain environment, the sisters get separated and lost. The night is coming, and Matilde is adrift and alone in the forest. How will they grow through this experience in the woods? Will their relationship transform into something different now that they’re both adults?

Uma Coisa Longínqua / A Distant Thing

Experimental/ Live Performance - 2020


This experimental performance is set between recorded and live video. During the 2020 confinement a small team of artists created a fantastic universe where the laws of physics do not apply. It's a journey through multiple dimensions. A piece that constantly defies the conventional molds of film and theatre.

Na Palheta Com Dom Roberto

Documentary - 2022

na palheta com dom roberto

The traditional form of puppet theatre called Teatro Dom Roberto is one of the oldest in Portugal. However, it was almost extinct in recent years due to lack of puppeteers. The film is a conversation with the artists that keep this art alive.

It is available in RTP Palco.

OMeu Primeiro Apocalipse/ My First Apocalypse

Fiction/Mockumentary - 2021


A reporting team accompanies a group of teenagers who are developing an artistic project with a theater company. The end of the world is the central theme. Research and reflections are being documented. But between theory and practice, extraordinary events emerge that project viewers and the entire team into alternative apocalyptic realities. 
Somewhere between the mockumentary, a music video clip and a disaster film, “My First Apocalypse” evokes, at times with humor, fears and fantasies as disturbing as they are familiar. 
It was developed with support of Projeto Sete Anos Sete Escolas by Cláudia Dias.

Direito a Respirar/ Right to Breath

Fiction - 2020


Right to Breath is a film that explores the confinement and the isolation of a young couple. They are trapped inside a building and cannot get out, the outside world is not safe.

Their daily tasks keep them occupied. Each one of them has its own way of dealing with the situation. At some point the girl gets to a worrying conclusion - it's time to  act!

The director and actress of this film shows us an absurd and  disturbing world that is strangely uncanny. It was made before the pandemic crisis which adds a premonitory dimension to it. It leaves the spectator thinking.  

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